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When you think of fashion and spring the most obvious image that comes to your mind, is floral prints. The same trend keeps returning time and again and has swept every online fashion boutique store this year too.

the trend of floral prints dress for women

However, in spring 2015, the trend of floral prints has undergone some basic changes. The colors have become stronger, the prints bigger and bolder and the overall impact is much wilder. The floral trend is not just limited to the clothes but has spread its wings or petals to cover shoes, bags, headbands, backpacks and even sandals.women in a ramp with bold floral print dress

There Are Four Broad Ways Of Going Boldly Floral – Choose According To Your Body And Personality Type:

Truly bold pieces concentrate on a single floral print – yes one flower in a shirt, dress, top, skirt or accessory. The solo piece needs to be the centre of your look and so if you are wearing two pieces then the other one should a neutral colour. Try keep jewelry and accessories to minimal if the outfit is a dress.

single floral print dresses for women

Applique and cut-work flowers are doing the rounds this year too. Don’t use too much applique in areas of the body where you don’t want much focus. The base colour of applique flowers should be simple such as black or white to bring out the brightness.

Applique and cut-work flowers dresses for women

For those who don’t like the feminine floral look, foliage prints are a potential choice. Here flowers are of secondary importance as the leaves take over and provide geometric coverage. Just remember, there are many shades of green and you should choose one which goes with your complexion such as mint or olive green. This look can be contemporary and sharp as well as flowy and feminine, depending on what kind of prints you choose or what outfit you put together.

feminine floral print dresses for women

There are many ways to incorporate floral prints in your wardrobe and it does not have to be traditional or typical. Floral prints in combination with geometric patterns, abstract designs, in neon colours and in stark contrasts such as black and white are giving the old trend a new modern twist.

black and white contrast bold floral pattern dress for women

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