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What is your personal brand ?

The way you look, communicate and carry yourself all adds up to create a personality that distinguishes you from others which is your unique personal brand.

It’ll help you advance in your career or get that right job, by creating the right impression. Or you are tired of your old self and need a complete make-over in life.  We can help!

One of the most obvious ways of building your personal brand image is with your appearance and your visual presence inperson, and online.


What is your lifestyle like?

Who do you aspire to be?

How to create the right impression at a special event/ occasion?

We will take all these into account to help create a unique brand image for yourself.

We believe, whether it is a man or a woman, everyone deserves to look stylish, confident and create the right impact. Our expert have over 20 years of retail and fashion industry experience and can provide realistic style solutions based on your lifestyle, profession, interests, social engagements, body structure etc.

We will not push any brand or store onto you, so there is no pressure to purchase anything unless you are completely happy.

Our charges –

1 hour consultation with questionnaire and style report – $50

2 hours consultation + questionnaire + style report + style tryouts in boutique – $99

We can also schedule a personal shopping experience in other stores .

Add On: Glamour Photography Session with Professional Photographer ( can be with or without Hair and Make-up service)

Contact for scheduling consultancy session:


Phone: 1-425-747-2918

Brand Image Building Persoanl Stylist

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