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Don’t have the time to shop?
Not sure what is the right style for you?
Have an event for which you need a special look?
Or simply hate shopping by yourself?
If you have answered yes to any one of these questions,  we are here to help.

We believe, whether it is a man or a woman, everyone deserves to look stylish, confident and create the right impact  without breaking the bank. Our expert have over 10 years of retail and fashion industry experience and can provide realistic, affordable style solutions. We look forward to helping you harness the power of personal style based on your lifestyle, profession, interests, body structure etc.

We will not push any brand or store onto you, so there is no pressure to purchase anything unless you are completely happy.

Here is what our program involves –

1) We do a half hour complimentary consultation on phone or via e mail to understand your requirements.

2) Once we establish what you are looking to achieve, we put together several options for you.

3) If you would like to go for the actual shopping experience, we will meet you at the location and help you pick the best items.

4) If you do not have the time to physically shop then we will send the style options to you via e-mail and follow through with a phone call or video conference. We can also shop online for you and have the items shipped to you. 

5) Our job is done only when you are satisfied with the new look. 

Our charges –

Shopping Buddy Program: For customers who prefer the store shopping experience.

The first half hour consultation is free. Once you decide to use our service, we charge you  $50 for the initial research. From there on we charge $40/hour. Normally the actual shopping process does not take more than two hours as we have the styles already organized in advance.

We are based in Seattle and generally work within 20 miles of Seattle.

Shopping Consultant Program: For customers who want to use our styling suggestions only.

The first half hour consultation is free. Once you decide to use our service, we charge you  $50 for the initial research. We will put together a list of styles and e-mail the options to you. We can discuss the options via phone or on video conference.You can either choose to buy them yourself or if you prefer we can buy them on-line and have it sent to you.  For the phone call or video conference we charge $30/hour.

We work with both men and women and our goal is customer satisfaction, so we make the shopping process easy and fun. At the end of our consultation session you will fall in love with your new look and feel more confident.

Our contact details:


Phone: 1-888-491-5540


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