How to Look Like a Model in Pictures

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We all have that one picture when we did not look so picture perfect. How we wish we could make that smile a little more natural, or our hair a little less frizzy and not let that “double chin” show. All of us would kill to make our picture look a little younger and prettier. Here are a couple of tips which might help!

Have a Bright Smile:

The first thing that we notice in a picture is the smile. So try to think of something pleasant or funny so that it’s natural.

Ensure your lips are moisturized and wear the perfect lip tint that works with your skin.

Also to make your smile brighter, have your teeth whitened if needed. It takes years off your face!


Clean Blemish-free Skin:

Your skin tone should be clean and blemish free. Not all of us have the perfect skin, so ensure you use a good base, foundation to hide the faults.

Maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle for better skin.

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Enhance Your Eyes:

As they say, eyes are the window to the soul. So ensure your eyes are the focus. Use makeup to make your eyes look bigger. A little bit of highlighter on the cheekbones and inside angles of the eyes looks good.


Clothes which Compliment:

Wearing the right color clothing can help you look 5 to 10 pounds lighter. Darker tone clothing slims the mid-section, thighs, and arms. You should avoid high capped and puffy sleeves as these types of sleeves will accentuate the thickest parts of your arm.

Horizontal stripes are also a no-no, they can make your hips and waist look wider than they actually are


Don’t jam your arms up against your body, as it will flatten them. Instead, hold them out from your body. Wear clothes that fit well and yet are not too tight if you do not have a figure to flaunt. Avoid layers as they tend to add extra pounds.

Natural Hairstyle:

Unless it’s a photoshoot for a magazine, avoid high bun hairstyles that sweep all the hair away from your face specially if you have a round face. Opt for a natural healthy style that highlights your best features. Let your hair down and let it frame your face thereby contouring it.



Fashion accessories that add in an element of style and color can glam up your entire look and add radiance.  Be it a signature piece that dominates the look or multiple smaller accessories that pair up to give you a perfect look . A good pair of shoes well synced with your attire will boost your look and confidence.

Attitude Attitude Attitude:

Find your best angle and try different poses. Make sure you do not over pose and keep it natural and comfortable for yourself.

Last of all smile like you own the moment!

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  1. Rita Sircar says:

    Very good suggestions. Will try to keep in mind.

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