Winter Scarf 101

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We have officially started the holiday season here at Kahini Fashion, Bellevue boutique and we are here talking about the fall winter fashion trend that never fades.

We are talking about scarves of course!!!

 A scarf is your closets best friend! Most people have that one great friend they only see once a year, but when you see them it’s the best thing ever! Well, it’s definitely that time here in the northwest. It’s getting colder and colder which means it’s time to see that old friend.

It’s scarf season!

A good scarf can take a plain sweater outfit and turn you into a style icon with just a few tricks. Fashion favors the bold so don’t be afraid of bright colors in your scarf collection they will change your whole look. Bold prints will work to set you apart from a crowd and can even help you combine colors seamlessly. Scarves can camouflage trouble areas and draw the eye to your face which is always a style win. Oh, and let’s not forget that they make amazing gifts!

How to style with a scarf?

Here are a few ways that you can spruce up an outfit with a scarf.

This style is a classic knot. It gives a clean polished look. We have used a plain rayon silk blend Pashmina scarf here. You can’t go wrong with this as a holiday gift. And it comes in many colors!

Pashmina Silk Scarf

This knot looks complicated but is actually super easy! This knot also adds some interest to this simple scarf.

This is definitely a favorite for me! It’s slightly edgy but still polished.

Not to forget there are so many diferenet kinds of scarf – plain, pattern, wool blend, silk. Here are a few types we carry –

Grey Long Warm Knit Scarf

Or for a formal occasion you could make your outfit or dress sparkle with a sequin scarf. Or dress up any simple cocktail dress with this sequin scarf – it’s the perfect accessory for the holiday party look.

Glitter Scarf

So be stylishly warm and chic with your best friend this season. For more personal styling tips we are always available here at our boutique in Bellevue. Please call us at 1-4257472918 or email at for setting up personal styling consultation.

Stay warm and Stylish !

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