Party Looks for Holiday Season

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2018 definitely flew by in no time at all and 2019 is around the corner! At our designer boutique in Bellevue we are getting ready for the new year. Are you ready for a great year?

One of the best ways to start the year off strong is by having an amazing New Year’s Eve and an awesome New Year’s Party Look can definitely add to that!

Your New Year’s Look is a reflection of your personal style as well as the occasion and the venue. You want to look gorgeous, stay warm and maybe be comfortable?……. LOL though fashion and comfort a lot of times don’t go hand in hand.

The ultimate glamorous fashion statement is still sequins, I mean who doesn’t want to bring the party whereever they go? Sequin tops are a go-to staple year round and make your favorite jeans New Years ready. It’s a easy way to look formal and cute without being too formal. And it’s a great idea if you want to havea party look to dance in. 

The go-to trends are still tried and true, and we have them just for you! Check out this cute black sequi top. 

If your style is more feminine and lux then how about a sequin pattern dress? A short cocktain dress is a perfect New Year’s Eve look which is bound to turn heads.

Pairing jewelry with a sequin gown can be tricky but New Year’s favors the bold and we have just what you need!

Velvet, of course, is a close second on this list. Nothing is better than layers, and a velvet jacket or cardigan will take your outfit to the next level. It’s a great layering piece which will not take away from your dress, rather add a fashionable element to it. And it will help you stay warm.  

If your anything like us, then you love a good black tie event. Gowns or long dresses that pull double duty year round are must so let’s make sure you get one that you can wear all year long. This fitted black lace long dress is classic, understated and sexy. You can dress it up with jewelry and fur for an evening out or put on a blazer or a jacket for a formal business evening.

Some of us shy away from Jewelry, but it can make or break a formal party look. The right necklace can take a little black dress[LBD] and make it new years chic in seconds. If you don’t do sequins then amazing jewels still make you look like you brought the party with you.

So now that you are dressed to turn heads, grab your phone, clutch, and keys! Itsalmost 2019 and its time to get the best year started off right.

We at Kahini Fashion designer boutique wish you and yours all the best in the new year and hope to see you soon!  

Happy Holidays!

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